Demonic Bestiary

The world of Demonhuntr is populated by a host of demons, monsters, and forces of darkness, all of which are culled from real world mythology. Listed here are but a few examples of the kinds of creatures our heroes must face...


Shapeshifting demons who come from the depths of the ocean, sirens use their magical voices to mesmerize their victims, and have a habit of toying with their prey before finally devouring them.


The spirits of humans who have died that remain on the mortal plane of existence, ghosts often linger in the living world due to unresolved business.


Demons that prey on humans by psychically leeching their life energy in the dreamscape. Incubi (male) and succubi (female) are shapeshifters, often taking seductive human form when choosing a victim before infiltrating their dreams.


Anglicized as "genie," the Jinn are an ancient species whose control of magic is unparalleled on the mortal realm. They are capable of rewriting reality to their whim, though they mostly ignore the world of men unless they are coerced through magical means.


Beings of immense power that predate man and, in some cases, the Earth itself. Though their powers are so great they can't be measured on a human scale, they are not omnipresent in the way the Judeo-Christian God is conceived. They do not see all, and can only be in one place at one time. They have physical bodies, though they can change the shape of those at will.


The primordial beings who predate gods, Titans' powers have diminished over the millennia. Once beings of gargantuan size, they now exist on a human scale, though they retain their immortality.


Contrary to popular belief, nymphs can be either male or female. Naiads, or fresh water nymphs, congregate around ponds, lakes, or rivers, and in more modern times, swimming pools.


A mischievous breed of demon, goblins can often be found invading people's homes and causing havoc. Their red hue is a result of dyeing their skin with human blood. 


Creatures formed from inanimate earthly matter, like clay or mud, and brought to life by practitioners of magic. Once made living, the golems must do the bidding of their creators.


The offspring of Nergal, the Mesopotamian god of death, necromancers are human-demon hybrids with the innate magical gift of controlling the dead.